“I was resigned to believe that I can’t generate any other form of income outside a monthly salary I get. But that mentality has changed since I attended this training to empower young females RNMU members,” says Léa Kabasinga, who is a nurse at the University Central Hospital of Kigali (CHUK), after a training organized by the Rwanda Nurses and Midwives Union (RNMU).

In collaboration with the Rwanda Women Network (RWN), RNMU conducted in 2015 a rapid needs’ assessment survey to investigate nurses’ gaps in competencies pertaining to leadership.

The survey revealed numerous gaps that nurses possessed in various leadership areas including human and women rights, organizing skills, public speaking, entrepreneurship, ICT, advocacy, negotiation, and conflict management.

The discovery of these gaps initiated the desire of the RNMU to empower nurses, especially young women, providing them with the needed knowledge and skills to become effective leaders.

To this end, a Nursing Leadership Continuous Professional Development module was proposed and validated in order to build woman nurse midwife’s capacity in leadership RNMU members.

Perpetua Mbabazi in charge of education and research at RNMU said that this explains the essence behind young female midwives and nurses training on entrepreneurship skills to boost their chances of generating more income and become more self-reliant while committing more to midwifery and nursing professions.

“Female nurses and midwives were not confident. It was necessary to inspire confidence in them, so they can compete, whether for decision making positions within the profession or in general,” Mbabazi said.

Trainers came from the National Women Council, the Rwanda Women Parliamentarians Forum, the Ministry of Health, and Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) Rwanda.

Aimée Angelique Noela Akayezu is a trainee from the DOT Rwanda who trained RNMU members on entrepreneurial skills. He says they only needed a stimulus to change a mentality.

“We discussed and agreed that nurses and midwives can generate income beside their usual works, while still committed to delivering best medical care services,” said Akayezu.

After the training, Marie Claire Umukesha, a nurse at the Duha Health Center in the city of Kigali said:” I really didn’t think I could be involved in any form of administration because I thought that was not my thing. But now why not? We only needed a stimulus and I think I got one. The training was an eye opener.”

The exercise is within a series of trainings aiming to empower young female nurses and midwives graduates with leadership skills to be able to contribute in nursing and midwifery future leadership and health system in general.

RNMU is going to follow a cohort of 20 young female nurses and midwives for about 5 years to insure http://www.achaten-suisse.com/ that they pursuit a leadership career and become strong leaders in health and country development.


Local and international empowerment trainings will be offered to participants and will benefit other advantages from RNMU and partners.