Nurses and midwives who attended a training that aimed at empowering them with needed knowledge and skills to become effective leaders from the 23rd-28th April, affirm their self-confidence and leadership skills have raised and vow to becoming more involved in leadership roles.

The training was organized by the RNMU after it was revealed that nurses and midwives possessed numerous gaps in various leadership areas including human and women rights, organizing skills, public speaking, entrepreneurship, ICT, advocacy, negotiation, and conflict management.

Claudine Umugwaneza is one of the nurses and midwives who were trained. She works as a nurse at the Kigali King Faisal Hospital.  After the training she says she now understands better the health sector structure, and importantly, she has a self-esteem.

“I am now confident, especially after we were explained the requirements to become an effective leader. I didn’t know that I have qualities that were described during this training. But now I know,” said Umugwaneza.

“I was never interested in elections that are organized by professional bodies or local administration. I always thought it was for other people to contest for those positions. But I have realized that it is where leadership begins. I am going to be competing for those positions,” she added.

Umugwaneza, alike other young female nurses who were trained, says she returns home with a target of getting more involved in community, participating in activities like community works, Parents' Evening Forums, and local meetings.