RNMU collaborated with the Rwanda Midwives Association (RMA), the Mentor Health Nurses Association and the National Council of Nurses and Midwives (NCNM), with a support from partners, to celebrate on June 29, 2018 the International Nurses Day.The event was hosted by Rulindo district, in Northern Province.

It was an opportunity to sensitize Nurses, Midwives, Government and the public on importance of nursing and midwifery professions and subsequent contribution to universal health coverage.

Among partners were the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Local Government, Ministry of Public Service and Labour, the Ministry of Education, the World Health, the United Nations Population Fund, JHPIEGO, Norwegian Nurses Council, One Family Health, hospitals and health centers.

During the event, nurses and midwives celebrated achievements in the health sector in Rwanda including their contribution in achieving health related SDGs.

Also, they recognized the contribution of country leaders and partners in regards to their commitment and support to health care providers which improved health of population and particular of nurses and midwives which enabled them to achieve their targets. Nurses and midwives were urged commit themselves to achieving SDGs.

The celebrations are in line of RNMU mandate of bringing together nurses and midwives working in Rwanda with the aim of creating a level of dialogue, improve professionalism and innovative actions in nursing and midwifery to ensure quality care for all and advocate for best practices.