Philosophy , Mission & Values

RNMU Philosophy

RNMU believes in providing high quality, ethical, accessible and equitable nursing and midwifery services to all members of the population to enable them live quality lives. Thus while upholding this philosophy RNMU believes that members will receive social and economic justice as reward from they employers.

Mission of RNMU 

  • To have an empowered nurse and midwife who is motivated to provide high quality service and uphold professional excellence while enjoying quality life vision. 
  • RNMU is committed to being a vibrant, self-sustaining organization that will protect the Professional image, improve Socio-Economic Welfare, and promote the interests of nurses and midwives through effective representation, capacity building and lead in the delivery of high quality care to the population.


  • Dignity & respect
  • We uphold and protect the dignity and respect of every person regardless of their age, sex, race, status or religion
  • Unity and Solidarity
  • We promote partnership and collaborative working which encourages unity and solidarity at all levels
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • We are open about out work, transparent about our activities, and accountable to each other, our partners and government, as well as to our funders
  • Excellence & Professionalism
  • All staff, members and volunteers are committed to excellence and professionalism in all they do
  • Justice & Democracy
  • We speak out for social justice democracy for every human being in the society
  • Participation and Ownership
  • We uphold every member’s meaningful participation and full ownership of the association’s activities.