About us

It was created on 30th June 2013 by 81 nurses and midwives during the general assembly held at Top Tower Hotel. RNMU is the result of the transformation from Rwanda Nurses and Midwives Association (RNMA) into a union.

RNMA was created in 1995 by nurses and midwives in some hospitals (CHUK, KMH, KFH and Ruhengeli) of Rwanda and on 22 Sep 1995 the first elections of an interim committee were held consisting of Murebwayire Mary, Karasira Asterie and BASANGABO John. Since its inception four committees have succeeded. 

RNMA received provisional authorization from MOH to work on the Rwandan territory in 1998 and after its creation. RNMA obtained its legal status (Ministerial Order No. 27/11) in February 2006. 

In 2007, Leadership of RNMA found that it was time to restructure and strengthen the association for members. A mass awareness was made and by the end of 2008, RNMA was represented all over the entire country by those committees and district referral hospitals.

In 2010 RNMU obtained membership in ICN as a member and a year after the President of the ICN visited the premises.

In June 2011 RNMU received visitors UNMU and NNO and then we developed a strong relationship between nursing in Uganda and Norway which led to a strategic partnership of more than 6 years (2012-2017). 

In 2012 with funding from NNO, RNMA conducted a study on the Rwandan territory in order to know the needs of nurses and midwives. This study showed that the economic and social conditions of the professional nurses were not good and that RNMA was powerless to their needs and suggestions was that RNMA transformed into a union which would be able to face the problems that lie in the workplace, education, welfare and those held in the profession. 

Therefore RNMA started a massive awareness campaign in all hospitals and health centers and over 4,000 nurses agreed to this transformation.

In March 2013, during an Extraordinary General assembles, everyone supported the transformation of the association into a Union and this gave a green light to the executive of the association which was responsible for this transformation. On 30th June 2013, the general assembly took place and RNMU was born. 

Strategic Plan 

RNMU has a 3 years Strategic Plan 2012-2014 focusing on four strategic areas which will be considered as priority issues for the next three years. These four strategic areas are aimed at developing a more resource, capable and sustainable national organization with appropriate systems to effectively and efficiently deliver quality programmes and services.

The broad strands of the Association’s Strategic Direction in the next three years are 

  • Institutional and Organizational Development
  • Learning and Development
  • Partnerships & Networking; as well as
  • Advocacy and Communication.


  • National Union Congress/Congre syndicale national
  • National Union Council / Conseil National syndicale
  • National executive bureau / Bureau exécutif national
  • District executive bureau / Bureau executif de district
  • Referral hospital executive bureau / Bureau executif des hospital de référence
  • Shop stewards / Point focal du syndicat



  • ICN:Since 2010
  • CESTRAR:Since December 2013
  • CNMF: Since 2016

You may want to know about our Philosophy, Mission, Values  and Our Services

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