Our Objectives

  1. To Advocate for better  socio-economic welfare for nurses and midwives through collective bargaining with employers, by securing improved wages and better conditions of service;
  2. To Promote unity and solidarity among members;
  3. To Provide advice to government and other stakeholders on all issues affecting nursing, midwifery and public health;
  4. To Cooperate and networks with other organizations, nationally, regionally and internationally.
  5. To initiate and organizes training programs which adequately prepare the RNMU and nursing leadership and members in the practice of various negotiating skills, for resolving employment concerns i.e. grievance procedures, collective bargaining, arbitration and conciliation.
  6. To Serve as the authoritative voice for nurses, midwives and the nursing profession as a whole in Rwanda.
  7. To provide legal advice and assistance to members when needed
  8. To provide socio-economic assistance to members  when deemed necessary
  9. To Undertake research in Nursing and midwifery and others labors related issues.
  10. To Recruit and unites nurses and midwives into one single organization in order to enable them share their professional, social and economic welfare.




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